Following COVID-19 epidemic our offices are closed in line with India on lockdown until 14th April. All operations have been put on hold until further notice’. Thanks for your understanding, patience and continued support to GORED.

Countdown has started for Brexit! .. so tighten your seat belts to fly to the UK!

Mr Boris Johnson–Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (UK) has delivered what he has been preaching over the past few years by signing on the historical ‘Withdrawal Agreement’ which brings the UK out of the European Union (EU) on 31.01.2020. What this means for Indians especially with qualifications in health, engineering, teaching or social work sectors means plenty of jobs, fast visa process for professionals such as Doctors and Nurses, Sponsorship from some of the best UK employers with great pay scales and technologically advanced work spaces. So, what else you need as there could be no other perfect time to come to the UK than now. Be part of the increasing demand for shortage occupations list to have an international career. Get in touch with GORED which can facilitate this to happen for you.

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