Following COVID-19 epidemic our offices are closed in line with India on lockdown until 14th April. All operations have been put on hold until further notice’. Thanks for your understanding, patience and continued support to GORED.

For the ones with the UK / Ireland qualifications

Have you ever been graduated or post graduated from the United Kingdom (UK) Universities and if the answer is Yes, is your UK qualification does fall within the sector of health, engineering, teaching or social work. If so, then we would like to hear from you as there are plenty of professional jobs awaiting for you in the UK. Your aspiration to work, earn and enjoy a quality life is just within the reach. It is a matter of you demonstrating that, you have required language abilities and profession specific competencies by appearing for a few tests and ensuring you are registered with professional bodies. GORED is here to facilitate your dreams of migrating to the UK and let’s do it together….

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