Following COVID-19 epidemic our offices are closed in line with India on lockdown until 14th April. All operations have been put on hold until further notice’. Thanks for your understanding, patience and continued support to GORED.

Qualified, Quantified and Ready to serve!


Leadership Team


Mrs Rani studied Bachelor in Economics, Masters in Development Studies and is a Research Fellow of Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) in overseas migration. Rani travelled extensively across India, UK, Europe and Middle East and does understand the markets well from business as well as migration point of view. Rani is striving to make GORED an international brand to achieve its business purposes.

Mr Mohan studied Bachelor of Science (BSc) and Masters in Science (MSc in Physics). A Senior Physics Lecturer over the past 20 years, Mohan played a pivotal role in guiding hundreds of engineers and doctors, and several others professionally. Mohan will be able to provide a strategic direction to GORED with his experience and help professionals who connect with us to make an informed choice.

Legal Advisor

Mr B Ramisetty – studied Bachelor of Law in the UK. Bala joined the GPT Law Practice in 2009 specialising in Immigration, Property and Conveyancing. Bala finds great reward in exceeding clients’ expectations and that is evident in his flexible working, often meeting clients outside of standard working hours to accommodate them. Bala is partnered with GORED Services Ltd and will be providing immigration services to the UK employers who would like to seek support to fill sponsorship / license application under SOL Scheme.


Dr Anuradha studied Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) and Diploma in Child Health (DCH). She is a renowned paediatrician with over 12 years of experience. She also worked as a resident medical office in one of the largest government hospitals in Telangana. Dr Anuradha strives to promote ethical medical practices especially reducing usage of antibiotics for children and encouraging safe blood donation.

Dr Akhilesh Kumar studied Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) and pioneered in offering his medical services for over 35 years to lower rung of population who cannot afford private health care due to their economic conditions or lack of access to services. Dr Akhilesh has been successful in providing treatment to patients suffering from various forms of cancer and diabetes. Dr Akhilesh also shares his knowledge on various media platforms helping people with information and access to a healthier lifestyle.

Dr Mohi Siddiqui studied Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) and Doctor of Medicine in Microbiology. His medical career spans over 15 years where he worked in the Middle East. He currently offer his services to needy patients. Dr Siddiqui also teaches in local Nursing Colleges disseminating his knowledge and experience. Dr Siddiqui is known for his medical services rendered during a few recent Haj missions as Chief Medical Coordinator from the Indian Government.


Mrs Bhavani studied Masters in Computer Applications (MCA). In her IT career spanning over 12 years, Bhavani has worked with many multinational companies including a few clients based in the UK. Having lived in the UK and in India, Bhavani is able to provide her expertise on IT sector and how these skill gaps can be filled.

Mr Satyanarayana Reddy studied Bachelor in Technology (BTech in Electrical and Electronics – EEE). For the past 14 years, Satyanarayana Reddy is rendering his services to the Government of Telangana Electricity department. Satyanarayana Reddy is known as ‘Mr Light’ for ensuring continuous power supply to much needed households, establishments and industries while being part of the distribution sector.

Mrs Ashalatha studied Masters in Computer Applications (MCA) and has been working in the UK IT sector for the past 5 years. Asha has worked for various IT firms who would be able to offer her expertise in light of Brexit and the specific IT skills required for the UK European market.

Social Work

Mr Shekhar studied Bachelor in Social Work (BSW) and Masters in Social Work (MSW). In his social Work / international development career, Shekhar worked in India for over 4 years on various educational projects whereas he has more than 13 years of frontline and managerial experience in the UK social work sector with a special interest in child protection. Shekhar also conducts guest lectures in the UK and in India.

Mr Madhusudhan Reddy studied Bachelor in Social Work (BSW) and Masters in Social Work (MSW). For over 8 years, Madhu has been working passionately on various social causes in rural, urban and tribal communities with a special focus on child rights, access to clean drinking water, promoting safe hygiene practices as well as leading projects funded by international donor / bilateral agencies and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Nokuthula (Thula) Studied BSc Honours in Social Work and Bachelor of Arts in English & Linguistics. Thula has worked as an English language and Literature teacher. In the UK, Thula has a career spanning over 15 years in Social Services of extensive experience in children’s home, secure centres and working with children with disabilities. She has worked with National fostering Agency (IFA) and various local authorities in the UK as a Supervising Social Worker where she was responsible for recruiting, assessing, training and supporting foster carers. In those roles , Thula has been selected to be designated Child Protection Officer supporting social workers, foster children and carers in cases where there has been CSE and trafficking .Thula has all embracing experience as an Equality and Diversity Officer which will a long way in working with people from diverse backgrounds. Thula is GORED’s Director – Partnerships- Southern African Region.


Mr Umesh Kumar studied Bachelor in Science (BSc – Chemistry) and Masters in Education (MEd). For over 15 years. Umesh has been teaching Chemistry and Mathematics to secondary school and college students using innovative methods so that the complexities of Science and Maths are well understood by them.